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Copper tray

To enhance your meals, use the copper tray, because the pleasure of eating also goes through the eyes! With modern design and traditional quality, the Moroccan copper tray Dress your holiday tables or your everyday cuisine. On his own, this copper tray Oriental sets the tone for your meal, it also brings the final touch to your table decoration!

Chabi Chic makes you discover what is most sumptuous and more prestigious in the art of the Moroccan and oriental table. Discover in this dedicated category a whole collection of copper trays Elegant and chic to decorate your tables on a daily basis! Remember that delivery is offered from 100 EUR purchase.

The copper tray, an iconic piece of Morocco!

First, tea service is an art in Morocco. And we serve it with the famous Teapot Moroccan, traditional glasses and of course the beautiful and great Moroccan copper tray. By all its symbolism, the place of copper tray In the Moroccan household is also not reducible to that of simple service utensil. Emblem of luxury and conviviality, the plateau in Moroccan copper, in Maillechort, brass or silver has long been an essential of each household.

Designed for the service, the tray has become in a few years a beautiful decorative object that is no longer hidden, or even exposed. The tendency of copper still has a bright future ahead of it, proof with the copper tray Moroccan. Ancient or more modern design, copper adorned with silver engraving or another metal such as brass, large, typical simple Moroccan tray or wooden copper tray ... This copper tray Oriental is available today in several forms and styles to suit all possible uses and decorative desires. Square, rectangular, round or oval tray, you are spoiled for choice at Chabi Chic. We offer very beautiful, completely hand -made copper sets, typical pieces of Moroccan oriental crafts.

Chabi Chic offers a wide range of copper trays at the best price!

A wide range of Moroccan artisanal products is offered to you on Chabi Chic, take advantage or please your friends and loved ones by offering them gifts! Our bright copper trays of shine hold their magnificence from traditional artisanal know-how of Moroccan goldsmiths, known for their original mastery of metals. Engraved and chiseled by hand, each copper tray is completely unique and original. Now your guests will be majestically served using a magnificent copper tray Moroccan, enough to get an incredible pleasure!

Discover on Chabi Chic a selection of our most beautiful traditional and authentic Moroccan platforms with pretty engravings. Whether it's a copper tray For meals or a decorative tray, it is the essential accessory whether it is to present your dishes well or to bring the desired decoration in a room. Without further ado, buy your copper tray At the best price on Chabi Chic and benefit from fast delivery! Also discover our promotional products to benefit more from the best prices!