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Custom specialty orders

Because we design and realize our models, we have the possibility of satisfying special requests: shapes, colors ...

The dough we use for our chic chabi dishes, is very different from the traditional Moroccan ceramics.

Chic chabi dishes:

-Is ultra resistant


-Passe on the dishwasher

-Passe in the microwave

The chic chabi dishes is therefore ideal for being used daily, it is not only decorative, it is functional.

Customized table service for individuals:
We can expand for you our collection, in order to design you a complete table service at your request. (Plates, salad bowls, toddlers, teapots ...)

Dishware for restaurants:
We have already collaborated with restaurateurs, creating a dishes adapted to their needs. Original creations, which reveal the identity of their kitchen and correspondence with their decoration.
They were seduced by our creativity and our quality.

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