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Chabi Chic

Delivery and return


Delivery time:

  • Express delivery: 3-7 working days
  • Standard shipment: 15-45 days
  • Free shipping: in France and some parts of central Europe to buy from 150 Euro freight
  • If you have any questions about order tracking, please contact us.


    Return / refund:

    • Withdrawal right. Products that you are not satisfied with can be returned to our warehouse within 14 days after receiving them: CHABI chic 322 main road, Sidi Ghanem, 40000 market, Maroc. After receiving any products in good condition, we will refund them within 7 days.
    • Any defects, errors or omissions shall be the responsibility of CHABI chic and may be returned or returned to you according to the circumstances and amount, or as the subject of the gift certificate
    • The damaged goods must be claimed by the carrier before refund. Therefore, you must issue the packing list to the carrier notified on the coupon, especially if you do not open the package in front of the carrier, which you may require.



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