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Mint Berber - Berber Mint

The freshness in all its states

Virtues: Effective against digestive disorders, especially when it is bue between meals, peppermint is a very good cure for bloating. It is also particularly effective for treating irritable colon syndrome.

In the form of gargarism (in cold infusion) it soothes gorges and guarantees a fresh breath. In Morocco, it is a lot in the mountains by the Berbers to fight against the evils of everyday life, because it carries in winter and refreshes in the summer.

Intensity: Pronounced and tasty

Composition: Whole leaves and fragrant, harvested by hand in Morocco. After being picked, it is immediately dried in a closed and ventilated place to preserve the intensity of its flavor and freshness.

use: Add 1 large spoon of Fliou dried for 1 cup of hot water. Let us infuse 7 minutes and for migraines, do not hesitate to inhale the vapors of his infusion. To season your dishes and salad, it is as good as classic mint but in small quantities because it is stronger.

Close the lid well after each use

  • Dimensions: 120g
  • Reference: CCE.01.58