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Malakchi malakchi tea

For hot tea lovers
advantage: Malachi tea is an amazing mixture of our oriental spices and herbs. It's hard to explain all the feelings of this mixture. First of all, when you drink it for the first time, you will be immediately attracted by its strong and greedy taste. Then, during the next few sips, a strong heat surrounds the body and calms it down. We feel warm and calm, just like just coming out of a good steam room!
strength It's hot and delicious.
form : Acacia resin, Nigel, cinnamon, rose bud, star anise.
use In a small saucepan filled with water, add a handful of good Malachi tea. Cook over low heat for 30 minutes for maximum flavor. Cool and serve. It's ideal after a meal or after a bath.
Re seal the container after each use.
Size: 120 g
Reference: cce.01.12