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CHABI chic x s è Zane cooperation

Posted by Dimino Vanessa on


Holy may!! We opened an electronics store and ended up working with the Paris brand s é Zane.


Two months ago, we happened to find ourselves and brand designer Morgan in our store. You're both surprised by the achievements of both of us, plus the emotion of our shared little story... We have to do something together soon.

Why not try the glue?

Our world of fashion and decoration is very close... Obviously, it's easy to combine the two.
Over the next month, CHABI chic was immediately quoted in s é Zane's apartment (you can still find stripes and gold fingerprints there).
But in April it all picked up! Through the brand's lifestyle studio, we have developed a special cezan palette on terracotta series.

A gradient of 3 fashionable roses and 3 very soft greens.

Cezan FF

as for leaf, This is a collection of leaf patterns, made from Charpy's stylish dark grey to soften your Paris summer and winter interiors.
Drawings collection The collection includes orange candles, flowerpots with cacti hanging, jars that you can use to make spring flowers, large salad bowls and cups that drink lots of tea and coffee! I'm happy to work with Morgan because we can combine the feminine, casual and fashion styles of our respective brands!

I hope you and cezan have other surprises!