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Chabi chic the brand

Chabi chic, the popular Moroccan lifestyle revisited. Trendy, chic and only handmade.

Chabi chic c'Is the story of two women!

Behind Chabi Chic, there is Vanessa di Mino and Nadia Christmas. Both originating in Paris, they settled in Marrakech more than ten years ago for their respective projects.

They founded the label in 2013 by mixing their universes and associated with the same desire, create a brand in their image: authentic, chic and trend.

Vanessa, training architect, is the artistic director of Chabi Chic, she defines the concept of the brand and designs products in the form of collections.

Nadia, International Training Trade, takes care of the administrative and to evolve Chic Chabi abroad.

The brand

The adventure began with the creation of a dish line with traditional Moroccan or striped patterns, made by hand by Moroccan artisans.

Become the essentials of the kitchen, the chic chabi objects have quickly invaded the rest of the house.

Chabi Chic Morocco is a brand of life pulling his inspirations from Moroccan crafts who from his wealth now affects several universes: the decoration for the whole house, the small furniture, the accessories for the kitchen, the cosmetics with a Range of care for the body but also a range of scents for your interiors and finally the side for it and for him.

Since its inception, it grows an authentic and chic mode.

Ethical factory

Chabi Chic revisits Moroccan crafts by bringing a modern touch to promote this wealth internationally: the Made in Morocco. It offers its fine clientele sensitive to culture, high quality products based on handmade manufactured by craftsmen.

This fruitful partnership gives them the opportunity to get out of the informal work in which they were once and especially to work in better conditions.

His real strength: Being on the lookout for new trends and thinking in advance to themes and identity of its next collections to offer you the most beautiful pieces while respecting our founding values.

Every new season is an appointment!

Chabi Chic is present twice a year in the key trade shows of decoration such as House & Object Paris, Top Drawer in London and the New York Now to present its novelties.

Chabi In Marrakech is everywhere in the world!

Chabi Chic has expanded and now has 4 shops in the city of Marrakech and is present in no less than 200 points of sale around the world.