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Riad's Secret Garden

Posted by Dimino Vanessa on

Riad's Secret Garden

Riad's secret garden is an address. I often suggest my friends to travel to Marrakech. Why don't I share it with you!

This Riad is designed and decorated by a pair of friends. Its decoration and real atmosphere always bring me.

Like Nadia and I, Celie and Julian want to change their lives, get out of the gray areas of Paris and move to Marrakech. After a lot of research, they finally found their dream Riad in babudukara.

Cyrielle is a fashion model and photographer, and Julien is the artistic director of scout and moto rubis. That's all!

Caution: good luck!

From the beginning, we can understand their sharp eyes when choosing every object.

Every small room, every piece of Chinese furniture, makes the atmosphere warm.

We just want to take off our shoes and step on zellig like we're at home.

Secondly, the beauty of decoration is striking: from the plaster carvings on the walls to the ceilings in small niches, from the zellig on the walls to the natural colors on the walls. Morocco's rich handicrafts provide a backdrop for a lush banana garden. Fashion you're here!


It's all frame, contrast, detail... You can understand there's a photographer nearby

The top of the roof is equally amazing. The roof terrace is good, but it's really a terrace!

Ross! There are pavilions, reclining chairs and soft cushions... Plants, cacti, you want to take pictures.

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Oh, yes! Here, everything is a role: the cactus, the tortoise... We tie ourselves to every detail, and suddenly we realize that Ding's work makes us feel good.

Well, you'll see. I really like this nest. He looks like his master. It's real, it's simple, it's totally Charpy!

Greedy like me... Breakfast!!! Breakfast!!! 10/10!

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I want to be adopted by cyrielle and Julien, so that I can enjoy every moment now... Thanks to instagram for making my mouth water in front of customers' photos every day!

I want to thank them for showing our marbles. Now they see the success photos released every day.

Go to our account and put the water in your mouth:

We have to follow the story! Because they often travel all over Morocco!

And cyrielle's account. He's also a photographer: @ cyrielle rigot

=>Riad's Secret garden-43-46 arset Ozar Babu dukara Marrakesh


Riad's Secret Garden
Riad's Secret Garden

43-46 Arset Aouzal

Babudukara, Marrakech