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Save Medina

CHABI chic launched the "save the Medina" campaign to continue to bring Moroccan handicrafts around the world and to support the craftsmen in Marrakech, who have been seriously affected by the economic crisis associated with covid-19.

From June 23, 2020, CHABI chic will provide La Medina's craftsmen with its resources, expertise and reputation to help them sell their work in the current environment without commission.

To this end, the brand:
-About 10 works will be selected, filmed and displayed online for each craftsman Everyone has a dedicated shopping area.
-Collect all useful product information for Buyer: material used, size, weight, delivery cost
-Collect, package and transport goods sold on site weekly to ensure logistics
-Return the full sale price to the craftsman.

CHABI chic hopes to bring the craftsmen in Marrakech the visibility and logistical strike power they lack.